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Welcome To Southern Group Insurance Agency

At Southern Group, our family owned agency is proud to have been the resource that families have trusted since 1979, that your family can count on for the proper advice now and into the future. While our footprint has grown from a local insurance agency to where we are today with clients from San Diego to Manhattan, our clients and partners across the U.S. still get the same attention as if they were only a stones throw away.

At Southern Group, our dedicated staff works with clients to ensure they get the coverage they want, not just a cookie cutter package that fails to address their real needs. In our Private Client Division, we serve clients whose net worth exceeds 3 million.  We have special knowledge of the risks that wealth presents and take an in-depth look into our clients lives to make sure they are not only well protected, but well informed.

Our Specialties

For those whose net worth exceeds 5 Million, mainstream insurance companies often cannot adequately cover all the risks.  Mainstream carriers typically cannot provide the appropriate limits of coverage either; most limiting their umbrella(excess) limits at a maximum of 5M.  We uncover the myriad of mistakes common carriers and agents make that leave you wide open to paying for an uncovered loss.

We have developed a number of carrier relationships to offer most Tier 1(Coastal Counties) residents Homeowner’s Insurance that include Windstorm coverage.  This typically results in much lower premiums than that of what most residents currently have which is a split policy between their Homeowner’s Insurance Carrier and their Windstorm Association (i.e. Texas Windstorm Insurance Association – TWIA)

With numerous areas going into newly mapped flood zones, you need the expertise we have to know what your options are.  In the private client world you have to ask, is NFIP’s coverage enough?  Are their other options?  We have the answers you are looking for.

Getting the right coverage when you turn 65 is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Getting it wrong may cost you for the rest of your life.  We help guide seniors through the Medicare enrollment process as well as help them make changes along the way.  We advised them on their options, help them with a step by step guide to make the right decision.

Meet Our Team

Ken KaltwasserOwner/Agent
Steven Kaltwasser
Steven KaltwasserOwner/Private Client Advisor
Jason L. Stanfield, CPRM, CIC
Jason L. Stanfield, CPRM, CICPrivate Client Advisor